Improve your speaking and listening through video chat

It's simple: 7 minutes of speaking in only Korean and then 7 minutes of speaking in only English. With Parrot's moderated system both parties are bound to improve. If you're past the stage of learning Hangeul and want to take your skills to fluency, Parrot is the tool to get you there. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and challenge your language limits with topics and themes for every video session. Learn and teach each other more efficiently than ever before.

It's time to put down your Hangeul books and have real conversations with native Korean speakers.

Get paired

We'll find you partners to exchange with with a press of a button.

More than just language

Learn about different cultures and trends from the people creating them.

Make Friends

Socialize and have fun! Meet serious learners who are eager to teach you.

Language exchange from anywhere

Find all the people you want to connect with at the touch of a button. Improve your language skills through actual interaction with native speakers.

Join the community of avid language learners and help each other achieve fluency!

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